consumer product testing stability room

Stability Storage Facility

Our FDA GMP and ICH compliant stability chambers include six large walk-in sized rooms and nine reach-in chambers operating at temperature and humidity conditions required to support stability studies for pharmaceuticals, OTCs and medical devices. This area provides our clients with multiple options for accelerated, intermediate and controlled (real-time) stability programs to meet their shelf life testing requirements.

Metrology / Engineering Expertise

Our metrology and facilities staff ensure the calibration of our equipment to meet FDA GMPs, ISO and ICH guidelines. External equipment calibration and maintenance experts are also part of our overall compliance strategy. This dual approach is key to our CPTC goal to provide the most accurate and precise results possible.

Environmentally Controlled Rooms

Our Environmentally Controlled Rooms are a key asset for the testing process. These rooms are temperature and humidity controlled, providing the ideal environment to perform Antiperspirant Effectiveness, Odor evaluation and Anti-aging trials. We utilize the latest calibrated instruments, measuring changes in skin hydration, barrier function and overall appearance, to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Full Service Clinical Digital Photography Studios

We have a designated digital imaging studio in our Clinical Bioinstrumentation department to capture standardized reproducible photographs for the duration of a trial. Customizable clinical photography services options include Cross-polarized lighting, Ultraviolet lighting, custom backdrops, Macro close-ups, and 3-D imaging. Upon study completion, high-resolution images can be digitally delivered to our clients, with optional digital image analysis available.

photobiology digital studio

Photobiology Digital Photography Studio

We have a designated digital imaging studio in our photobiology department to capture standardized reproducible photographs of sunscreen trial results. For efficacy testing, SPF erythemal responses and UVAPF pigment responses can be digitally documented. For safety testing, phototoxic and photoallergic reactions can be digitally documented to meet a client’s requirements.

Conference Rooms

We have several state-of-the-art conference rooms with teleconferencing and videoconferencing capabilities throughout our facility.