Before a new personal care drug product is offered to the public, it is typically tested to verify its safety and level of efficacy. This includes antiperspirant products.

Whether a company aims to support key marketing claims or release a more innovative antiperspirant product, consumer testing for safety and efficacy is a critical part of the process, and you can get involved.

If you are interested in helping such companies in testing, as well as the general public, here’s what you need to know about antiperspirant testing.

What is Antiperspirant Testing?

Antiperspirants are developed to reduce sweat and odor. However, not all antiperspirants are created equal. In recent years, new developments have led to a variety of efficacy claims, all of which had to be tested.  This type of testing continues as newer products are created.

Whether the latest claim involves sensitive skin or an advanced clinical strength formula, you can make money testing antiperspirant products. This will require you to visit a professional testing lab, where you will be guided through very specific testing procedures.

A Step-by-Step Approach to Antiperspirant Testing

As a potential product tester, you must understand the steps involved in testing antiperspirant products. Although each test is somewhat unique, the FDA has created key product testing guidelines to ensure each of the different tests are conducted according to the same standards.

There are also some general guidelines in regards to the steps taken.

Step 1: Discovery and development — When a company begins developing a new antiperspirant product, there are many variables they must consider. How does it interact with the skin and are there any associated side effects? How effective is it? These questions will be answered in a product testing lab, allowing companies to create the best possible product based on their overall objectives.

Step 2: Clinical Research — Once the antiperspirant product has been created, a small batch is developed so the product can be tested.  Clinical research is the step that, as a product tester, you would participate.  After the testing lab determines if you qualify for the clinical research, you will then physically test the antiperspirant product based on the design of the clinical research.

You will likely be asked to sit in a hot room (an environmentally-controlled chamber) and provide a collection of sweat (typically collected on a cotton pad) before and after a series of antiperspirant applications.  The scientific data from these key steps will help the company design the best possible antiperspirant product.

How to Find the Right Testing Lab

If you are interested in being part of something greater than yourself, you’ll need to find the right testing lab to become involved. The best testing labs are industry leaders, offering the highest level of experience, knowledge, quality, safety, and support.

The testing lab must have the latest equipment and comply with the current industry standards, including GCP, GMP, and FDA guidelines. This will ensure that each testing phase is completed in a safe and effective manner.

You’ll want to do some research on your own before choosing a testing lab, investigating how many human clinical evaluations have been completed in the past, in addition to the technologies and procedures used. If you have questions, contact a professional testing lab to obtain more detailed information.

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